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Over the years Swiss Miss Cosmetics has developed a vast range of high quality cosmetic products such as lipsticks, nail polishes, compact powders, eye shadow, lotions, creams, baby products, oils shampoos, perfumes, shaving cream, after shave lotions, diapers, baby wipes and various other FMCG products. One of their speciality product is Sunder Snow, a vanishing cream. Swiss Miss maintains high standards in choosing top quality European ingredients and highly balanced formulations.
With vast experience in the local markets and good international exposure, Swiss Miss is looking outwards for developing business in international markets. Swiss MIss continuously look for importers/distributors who can sell and market our quality products as our partners. The importers/distributors can help us sell/market our products whereas we can take care of production and supply of wide range of products with high quality ingredients and international standard packaging.
Moreover, following Islamic laws, our company takes great care in ensuring that our ingredients are Halal. Our manufacturing process is completely Shariah Compliant and many of our products are Halal Certified.

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